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Welcome to East Africa Aid Home
Mission Statement Print E-mail

Our mission is to provide an opportunity, a helping hand, for those who have little-to-none to live by and learn with.

We are here to assist with the collection of charitable donations from interested parties, multinational corporations, and healthcare organizations to fund educational & healthcare projects worldwide.

Schooling & Skill Development Projects:

The goal of the foundation is to assist local education entities with basic supplies necessary. Also, help support disadvantaged children with their schooling expenses as well as supplies and extra tuitoring.

Community Healthcare Projects:

The goal is to raise enough funds to sustain and supply local healthcare facilities with basic medical supplies that are needed to continue to run operations and serve the local community.

Tarek S. El-Shayal
Coordinator of program & charity foundation

Healthcare Development Plan Print E-mail
The aim of this project is to construct a local clinic near few rural villages. Any of the villages in the area is within an hour’s walk from the nearest medical clinic. During the rainy season the lack of sealed roads makes an already difficult journey even harder, especially for the ill, elderly and the infirm. As a result, the people in these communities have extremely limited access to medical care.
Educational Development Plan Print E-mail
The objective of this project is to provide a new educational opportunity for the students of the village of Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

The existing school consists of few small classrooms made of sticks and leaves. Adjacent to the classrooms there is a small art workshop where the students practice their art skills.

Our expansion plan is to build a number of classrooms, outdoor shed and sanitary bathrooms for all the children attending the school.

Public Access Computer Lab Print E-mail
Bridging the gap between dependency and independency involves providing people with the appropriate educational tools. Giving people the skills and materials they need to be productive, proactive members of the society is development at its best. What better way to develop one’s skills than to learn the universal language of computers? Computer learning comes as integral part of the educational process, yet requires the facilities where access is available for the general public and at a minimal cost. Till the current times, computer and Internet access in rural East African communities is privileged service.
Medical Supplies Donation Program Print E-mail

The medical supplies donations runs on the donation of excess medical supplies from US and Canadian healthcare facilities to the foundation for repurposing at other sister institutions worldwide.

Once surgical or medical supplies are donated our volunteers sort them out and compile comprehensive lists of items that institutions worldwide can choose from. Donation solicitation campaigns are carried year round to help pay for the shipment of these items until the port of entry.